What Is an MSN in Nursing Administration?

If you are interested in a nursing leadership or management position, then a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration can provide the necessary foundational knowledge to set you apart from your colleagues. With the option to complete the program in just 12 months, you can earn the degree without taking time away from your career.

What Should I Expect to Learn?

Since you will be completing coursework at the graduate level, you can expect the program to be thought-provoking, in-depth and comprehensive. The curriculum prepares you to face the challenges of an evolving healthcare industry, in which fiscal efficiency, patient-centered care and technological advancements are likely to become significant focal points.

With the shift to value-based care, healthcare organizations are under pressure to increase the quality of patient care. Following the passage of recent legislation, such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), insurance reimbursement for physicians and healthcare organizations may be subject to factors such as resource quality and use. Nurse administrators can be instrumental in helping organizations excel at these metrics, resulting in maximized reimbursements to maintain financial solvency.

Beyond studying the intricate connection between nursing quality, patient care and an organization’s financial health, you can also develop the leadership skills to successfully guide nursing staff through future changes in the healthcare landscape. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects demand for nursing administrators will grow much faster than the average at 17 percent, potentially because of their integral role in navigating the rapidly evolving nature of healthcare policies and technology.

What Topics and Courses Are Included?

The topics you will explore during the program are among the most prevalent issues facing nursing leadership today. You may encounter a wide range of subjects, from clinical leadership policies to healthcare finance. In the online program at the University of Texas — Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), for example, you will explore a combination of core and practice course topics, for a total of 36 credit hours. At UTRGV, each course lasts seven weeks.

The core courses for UTRGV’s MSN in Nursing Administration program include the following:

  • Leadership Policy and Population Health.
  • Theoretical Foundations in Nursing.
  • Nursing Informatics.
  • Statistics in Nursing.
  • Research in Nursing.
  • Practice Intervention Project.

The practice courses for the program include the following:

  • Nursing Administration Concepts and Theories.
  • Holistic Approaches to Chronic Disorders.
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing.
  • Healthcare Change, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution.
  • Clinical Leadership in Nursing.
  • Healthcare Finance.

Why Choose an Online MSN Program?

Earning an MSN in Nursing Administration degree has never been more convenient. Many graduate students cannot afford to leave the workforce to pursue their studies full time — or they do not wish to. With an online degree program, you can continue to work and gain critical career experience while also completing MSN coursework. Moreover, the accelerated nature of online degree programs allows students to earn their degree in half the time. At UTRGV, for example, you can complete the MSN in Nursing Administration program in as few as 12 months.

Through a dedicated online platform, you can engage with your instructors and classmates easily. Since many online degree programs require only a computer and internet access, you have the flexibility to interact with your classmates as well as complete coursework from virtually anywhere without the restriction of set classroom hours.

Making the Career Choice

Earning an MSN in Nursing Administration can give you the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to advance your career into nursing leadership and management roles. By learning methods to efficiently manage nursing staff in a way that promotes both fiscal responsibility and quality patient care, this degree can position you for a rewarding future in healthcare administration.

Learn more about the UTRGV online MSN — Administration program.


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